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04-18-2012, 07:02 PM
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Originally Posted by ocarina View Post
While I tend to agree that stats are overplayed, Wilson's numbers are so low that I have to even question if he has enough skill to make it to the league.

All those tools he potentially has will not help him if he isn't talented enough to produce.
By all accounts he is talented, though. Talking to some knowledgeable people about his game thus far in the playoffs, and they're really impressed. The draft is all about projecting to the next level, not about what a player is right now.

Originally Posted by Feed Me A Stray Cat View Post
Stats are actually the best way to project a prospect, especially if you account for age and strength of team. If you picked simply off adjusted ppg then you would have done far better than most NHL teams the last 10-20 years (this is a fact).

That is not to say you ignore things like intangibles, but they should be used a supplement.
Now that's a whole can of worms that I really don't have the time nor the effort to get into. If this is really true you should let some NHL teams know. I like to go off of live viewings and/or talking to people who's opinions I trust.

Originally Posted by danccchan View Post
James Neal, a 2nd round pick, was 0.647 PPG in his draft year.

Just saying
Milan Lucic, 2nd round pick, .306 PPG in his draft year .

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