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11-20-2003, 08:18 PM
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Originally Posted by shapa999
"Go back to Russia. Im sick and tired of these creative little Euro's and Russians like Kovalev, Mironov, Malakhov, hell even Nedved and Hlavac from the CR who just dissappear on the ice and are such a liability. It's like if they cant score then they are just hurting your team. Hell, dont even mention the words hitting or grinding. Get me some big brash Canadians and Americans who can actually use their head and heart out their and use their muscle to force their game onto opponents. Notice how the Avs guys like Konowalchuk, Hinote, McCormick and company dont have that euro skill but seem to be twice as effective. "

Do I need to even go into details? Besides all names ending with Chuck are usually eastern European origin, so you might want to put him on your "send back to Europe" list.
Wait, wait, but what about your whole comment accusing me of being racist? So have you come up with an explanation that would make my statements "racist" yet? Because I think you just got intellectually dominated.

Aside from that, Konowalchuk can stay. Actually my family backround is Eastern European(Italian), but that doesn't give me any inclinations to prance around aimlessly on ice, steal a few million from an idiot who owns a cable company, and call it my profession.

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