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11-20-2003, 08:25 PM
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If i hear again that Souray is even one little bit at fault i'm going to flip. I am a leaf fan so i don't give a **** but i watched them lineup. First. I'm not the biggest fan on five across with the D man on the boards. I only advocate such a play if the D man lined up is quick. You are only one quick step from being out of the play, and in this case there is absolutely no excuse for Quintal not getting the jump and being ready on a lost draw. You are supposed to play all draws as though they will be lost. Souray would 100% expect his partner to do a simple job like that and therefore he knew his responsibility would be the right winger, which he had- the play happens so fast that you don't have enough time to make the decision to leave your man to cover Quntal's fat ass. Julien has to do two things. Fire that horrible strategy of slow D man on boards. There is very little to gain and much to lose. 2nd. Do not put Quintal on the ice in the last moments of a tie game. If he is the second best defensive D man then you should head to to the D shopping mart and find someone who can play the last minute of a tight game. If that play cost me a game i would probably bench Quintal for a week. I would probably write a note to myself to park either a winger on the boards or depending on the shooting hand play the D man on the goalie side of the bottom of the circle. You can take any free forward from there. if its a right shot on the left hash i would play my winger there to prevent the roll. Also , if Montreal win that draw and Quntal is at the bottom of the circle, he can still retrieve the puck quickly and move it behind or up the strong side. What a piss poor ******** way to lose a game. I'm pissed thinking about it and i don't care for one second about Montreal, i only care about seeing decent hockey- that was not it. Souray is totallly blameless and shut your mouth to all that think otherwise, that or try playing defense at a high level.

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