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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
I really don't see how you can make statements like that, it totally varies brand to brand. I mostly use Lowry (pro grade) and Renfrew (black and gold) tape. The white and black Lowry tapes are literally identical other than the colour. White vs. black Renfrew, I do notice a slight difference, the black seems to have a bit more of a gritty texture (more like sandpaper). There are no general qualities for white and black tape in general though re: texture, glue, durability, etc.
I can only speak for myself here but I'm making these statements based off my own experience... Playing hockey a lot of guys have different preferences and I'm simply sharing my own. A lot of people have said for a number of years that black tape seems stickier than white tape. I could really care less if it's 100% true or not but I've found that it black tape does in fact work better for that type of puck handling.

I also added in 5 examples of guys who have been known to play with the puck on their stick like they have a magnet in their blade and all 5 of them have always used black tape on their stick (Is that really a fluke?). Feel free to go look up videos of them if you'd like the proof. I even recall The Hockey News Issue from January where Ho-Sang was laughing at Connor McDavid because he couldn't get the puck on his stick at a photo shoot. He said something along the lines of "it works better with black tape, I have no idea why". I'd go find the exact quote but I'm lazy and I know for a fact it was something along those lines.

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