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11-20-2003, 09:00 PM
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Originally Posted by RoyIsALegend
First off, I don't see how Teemu Selanne is a traitor whatsoever. He was traded by Anaheim, and left the Sharks as a free agent, but I suppose new fans of the game don't recall history from two and a half years ago.

Secondly, this is just sad... a game lost in mid-November stems this sort of hate and anger?

This is a sport, a game... something for our enjoyment.

Hate is a strong word... and you when use that as a sentiment for fans of a sports team, an organization in itself or two individuals that you've never even spoken to in your entire lives, I think there's greater concerns in your personal life than that of a hockey game.

Good day.
Teemu Selanne isn't a traitor as his "little buddy" Paul is. You're right, he was traded by Anaheim but for some reason he still has a little dislike for the Ducks. This is evidenced by he and Paul's nice little team party fund.

I think there's a difference between actual hate and sports "hate." For instance, I don't really hate Avalanche fans or anyone here for instance, but Avalanche fans for the most part do bug the crap out of me with this general sense of arrogance.

If you think I'm pissed about losing a game in overtime in November that my team didn't even deserve to win, no I'm not. What irritates me more is that punk ***** Selanne scored the game winner and the fact that the dislike I feel for Kariya and Selanne is more then I've ever felt for any hockey player. Don't even make mention about Kariya being a UFA because we've been down that road before and no one is changing anyone elses mind.

By the way, I've met Paul and he was a *****. I know plenty of people that have met him before and said he was a ***** also. I defended him for years while he was in a Duck uniform and then he turned tail and left town. I'll say it right now... Paul Kariya is a ***** and I have an intense dislike for him. If you or any other smug arrogant Avalanche fan has a problem with that.. sorry.

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