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04-18-2012, 11:04 PM
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First of all, torts is a ****ing retard. Rolling 3 lines in the playoffs where everything is more physical and intense, and with a possibility of OT, how ****ing stupid. I know it's hard to play a 4th line that consists on a rookie out of college, an AHL nothingmaster, and a washed up Mike Rupp, but ****ing give me a break here. For as much as Torts got this team to the 1st seed in the East (which I am starting to wonder if it was some kind of soul pact) he continues to make the same stubborn mistakes with his lines and relying on players who aren't meant to play the minutes he is giving them.

Coaching aside this team is pathetic. Really. They're the 1st seed and they haven't made a game yet look like it. The first game was as close as it gets, and they still did not show up for 60 minutes. Speaking of that, how many games did this team show up for 60 minutes this year? Three, four? They got by on the fact that the defense was playing over their head and Lundqvist had a career year.

Honestly, the sooner this team loses the better, because they are not contenders and the worse they look after finishing first the better. Maybe Sather will actually fix the ****ing offense issue in the offseason. Trade Dubinsky's worthless ass and trade a god damn d-man since they have so many of them and ****ing bring in someone to play with Richards and Gaborik.

Speaking of d-men, at least Staal is playing physical, if everyone on this team was capable of manhandling people they way Staal is, they'd probably would have swept this **** Ottawa team. This team hasn't been physical enough against an Ottawa team that would absolutely fold if they brought some god damn intimidation and fire.

What an absolutely disgusting showing. I hope people understand why some of us were concerned about this teams abysmal play down the stretch at times, because here it ****ing is, back to haunt us.

Makes me sick.



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