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04-18-2012, 10:19 PM
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Originally Posted by NCRanger View Post
The Rangers don't overpursue the puck in the offensive zone because they don't have the speed to do it. Plus, the Ranger d starts backing out of the zone the second the cycle breaks down.

The Ranger forwards drop too low in the defensive zone, and Ottawa's point men are taking full advantage.

The Rangers seem scared to death of Ottawa's speed.
This, this, this, this, this and this.

The team is scared.

Our D-men DO NOT PINCH, ever, it seems.

Their D-men pinch fearlessly and relentlessly. I think I saw both of their D-men sitting at the top of the circles for the majority of the time in our zone. There was one instance late in the 3rd where it was a mad scramble in our zone and both their D-men were at the faceoff dots in our zone. They were so confident/cocky we couldn't breakout that they didn't even watch the blue line.

They don't even play a 3rd man high. We are so pinned in our zone its not even funny. Forwards go down so low to help out the D and their D follows right into the high slot.

We have no forecheck once we gain Ottawa's zone. They outmuscle us (except for Boyle) along the boards, it seems like every player is scared to try and carry the puck in but we can't generate anything off the dump and chase like they can.

We clog up the neutral zone so Spezza is neutralized, but Karlsson is free to skate the puck from below his goal line all the way into our high slot with no resistance.

Meanwhile, we can't even seem to skate the puck in on the power play and all you see is our forwards making blind drop passes and passing backwards.

Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. We are no 1 seed.

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