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04-18-2012, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
This is nuts.

Torts overplayed his players. Yes.

You're underestimating the loss that Hagelin was on this team. Top line player who kept defenses at bay. Our first line was lethal. Now we're back to struggling to score and somehow finding ways to win games. Not gonna be as successful at that approach when every player is gassed.

As for Staal he's not as good as some of you are making him out to have been tonight. He had 2 monster hits but he was making the same boneheaded plays I've watched him make for years now. As for tiring out the defense, having 1 player play 3 minutes is absurd. If that's all you're gonna play him then find someone you trust more and put him in.

Again we caught some bad breaks tonight but then again that's no excuse. We gave them life in the series, again. It's not good, it's also not the end of the world. We go back home and hopefully we can regain our confidence and take care of business there.

What'd you expect that we'd be able to sweep every series? No, champions are the teams that grind out the tough games. Yea, we didn't grind out our 2 losses, but we have at least 2 more. If we can't grind those out we don't deserve to advance. That doesn't mean that the 2 losses we've had already means we aren't a cup contender.

As for the matchup, the Sens was a terrible pick for us. We struggle a lot with teams that are fast. In the East that's Pens, Sens, and Caps. Caps are more potent than the Sens so we dodged a bullet there but remember that the Sens were a BAD match up for us. I predicted a 4-1 series win for us but I could have easily seen this happen too.

What's worse is that Karlsson and Spezza have been kept in check. If they suddenly wake up we're in a lot of trouble. Not giving up hope yet as it seems like you and many others have, but I'll also recognize that we need to make adjustments.
Expect them to sweep every series? Nope, but I expect the 1st seed to show up against the 8th seed. Every game. If Ottawa wins a few on lucky bounces, or Anderson standing on his head, okay. That's fine, but when they play this kind of just tentative, sit on their hands hockey, and don't bring it to Ottawa as physically as possible, then yeah this is the kind of response it gets.

I don't think asking them to show the **** up for more than one, or half a period is really asking a whole lot.

Yes losing Hagelin for 3 games hurts the lines, but what the **** good is rolling 3 lines on an already exhausted team?

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