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04-18-2012, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Riche16 View Post
I'm still confused... If it was YOUR post why am I omitting anything?

I'm not a fan of his line juggling but he's not the only couch who does it when things aren't going well. Crosby and Malkin end up on the same line in bad games... His thought may be to get something different, anything. Again, I'm not a fan, but he's the coach, he's won a cup what do I know.

My contention was "he's GREAT at calling TOs". If u don't think so that's fine. But I disagree. Vehemently. The fact that he didn't call 1 in game 2 or 3 doesn't change that. Let's say he's like 90% right... That's 50% better than every other coach in the league. (random #s so don't do the math)
Yep, he doesn't call a time out and the Sens tie up the game, win it in OT, and with the Game 3, we sit back and let Ottawa unload.

Had Boyle's line not iced the puck, highly doubtful he calls a time out.

I'm sorry, what he did in the past doesn't absolve him for what he's NOT doing now.

Originally Posted by Henriks Broadway Hat View Post
Yes...but this is where you take salary into account. Stepan is on an ELC, Dubi is on his third contract. You can't be paying 4.2 mil. For a third liner.
Oh, I thought you meant just in these playoffs.

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