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04-19-2012, 02:27 AM
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Paul Kariya was one of the most talented players ever to play here.

Paul Kariya was one of the most self centered, lying, SOBs to ever play here. What many people forget and many others are too young to ever know was that Paul Kariya during his time here publicly spoke of how few players ever get to play their whole career with one team and how he really wanted to do that. He mentioned it more than once. Then after the SCF in 2003 he told us how he wanted to be back to win it next time. And then he pulls his little stunt of bolting to Colorado because he thinks he has a better chance to win the Cup there? What a lying little sack of feces.

Let us also not forget he sat out half a year in a contract dispute.

Now before some Kariya fanboy tells me it was his right to do those things, don't. I'm quite aware it was his right. But don't go blowing smoke up my rectum about how much you care about the fans yaddy, yaddy, yaddy and then pull the crap you did, Mr. Kariya.

Karma is why Paul Kariya has no Stanley Cup ring. And I don't ever want to see anything that reminds me of that little punk any time I set foot in that arena.

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