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04-19-2012, 01:54 AM
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Mostly a lurker, first-time poster. A few thoughts on tonight's game:

- Blame me for the loss...seriously. I don't get a chance to go to many games while trying to juggle grad school and a work schedule with frequent goofy hours, but I went tonight...and the Kings are 0-6 lifetime when I've attended in person. I think it'd be best if I just don't go again until it's a regular season game against some crappy team (although I tried that this past season when the Kings lost to Columbus at home). Anyway...

- For those of you who weren't there, believe me...after Brown's PS miss, it seemed like the air was completely let out from that place. It was palpable. Although part of it was amusing since my wife, who knows only the basic rules of hockey, jumped out of her seat as if 10,000 volts of electricity were shot through her shoes and screamed "THAT'S A PENALTY!!" when he was hauled down.

- I can't make up my mind whether Brown's miss or missing the chance to go up 2-0 with only seconds left in the first was the turning point in the game. Had either one of those worked out, I truly believe the Kings would have ridden the momentum to a win. But the miss reminds me...when the hell was the last time any King converted a penalty shot? Going back to regular season shootouts, I have a running count of at least a dozen straight misses...someone correct me if I'm wrong.

- I think we're in trouble if we don't win Game 5. It would put immense pressure on the Kings to win Game 6 at home, because if they lost that, then all their great work will have been undone...and it's back to a hostile environment for a winner-take-all game. I wouldn't be wild about our odds of pulling that off if it happened.

- Sometimes, the bounces just don't go your way. Really hoping this was a one-off, not the start of a trend...

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