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04-19-2012, 04:56 AM
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Originally Posted by MP View Post
I found the tofu Pei Wei puts in their Pad Thai to be palatable, verging on tasty even, and this from someone who'd had nothing but unpleasant experiences with tofu in the past. Where does that rank on your "when it's made right" list, out of curiosity?
Well I've never had it there before but I'm guessing it'd rank in the middle of the list at best. Eating Thai at Pei Wei (or PF Chang's for that matter) is like eating Mexican at Taco Bell. It's not bad per say but it's not really indicative of Thai food either. Go somewhere like Sala (32nd St and Shea), that's a great place to try a dish with tofu or Thai in general!

Originally Posted by MP View Post
Having said that, it's been interesting to hear the remarks from some of the players about the spate of suspensions and media attention. It's almost like they don't understand what the big deal is. Sure, they know what the situation is in a factual sense, but Ray Whitney for example seemed a little befuddled as to why, after years upon years of savage postseason hockey, is it only now receiving so much scrutiny.
They didn't have social media in the past (or at least not to this level) and I don't think the league has done a good job of managing that. They are bowing under the pressure of the mob mentality. It's like the ref who calls a penalty because the home crowd is crowing for it. As I mentioned in another post, the inmates are trying to run the asylum right now.

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