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04-19-2012, 07:23 AM
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The Confidence Thread!

Time to balance out the negative Nancys! I for one feel very confident in the Rangers ability to win this series. I knew Ottawa wasn't going to be a push over, I gave them two wins in the series as my prediction. With that said, all is going as expected, so I'm going Mark Mess in this *****!

We WILL win game 5... AND 6.

Ye of little faith are not welcome in this thread.

So what are you confident about? A particular aspect of our game? Something Ottawa is bound to falter in? Let your confidence be heard. We're the 1 seed, baby!


Reason's I am confident:

We shut them out on their home ice. I would not be surprised if we shut them out again on ours.
Ottawa has never had a lead in the series (IMO despite it being 2-2 I like this stat)
It's a 3 game series now and we have home ice.

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