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11-20-2003, 10:50 PM
Burberry Manning
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Originally Posted by shapa999
Dude you are just ********. Intellectually dominated, you couldn't intellectually dominate a cockroach. Italy is Eastern Europe? The next time you pick up a map will be your first. No point wasting time beating any sense into you, you are KKK bound, have a great career there.
HaHa ok. Yea I'll give ya the Italy not being Eastern European thing. My bad I was a few under at the moment. But either way, I schooled you. You actually asked how race had anything to do with racism.HaHa. Ok. Me saying something about Russians can possibly connect me with being racist and the KKK. HA. You find out how it can and get back to me buddy. Maybe by then Layne Ulmer and Matt Kinch will be superstars. And no matter what career I do take up, KKK included, I've already become more of a success than you.

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