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04-19-2012, 10:21 AM
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Some advice would be appreciated. I grew up in around Detroit, Michigan, and skated a few times on ice, put picked up roller hockey big time while growing up. About 10 years later, and about 50 pounds heavier, I live in Louisville, Kentucky, and nobody here knows what hockey is, let alone roller hockey. There is one ice rink that's open year round, and I plan to make the transition from couch potato back to hockey player, and from roller to ice.

I played at a relatively high level when I was in the full swing of it in roller hockey, and I plan to get into ice hockey at about the same level, so I don't really want beginner skates, as I'm thinking my skating technique should come back relatively quickly. Considering the last pair of (roller) hockey skates I bought, I got them about 3 sizes too big and stuffed socks in the toes so I wouldn't out grow them, I have no idea how any skates would fit my feet, and I'm not really sure if I have wide feet or not (I don't wear wide shoes), and there are no hockey pro shops around here to try them on. The only thing I could think of, is driving 2.5 hours to Cincinnati to a hockey shop up there, but I don't know when that would happen.

I'm 230 pounds, 6' 3", and I guess I have "normal" feet. Is there any advice you would give me?

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