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04-19-2012, 12:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Salz View Post
Ottawa, to me, is playing like one of the Top 3 playoff teams in the East. The Flyers and Penguins look like disasters. Bruins look pretty good. Caps look okay. Devils and Panthers both look kind of bad. We got an unlucky draw here, but I believe we'll advance in 6 or 7.
Were you even watching the last game?? I was there and must say that ottawa was terrible for long streches of that game. They were forcing plays through the middle and i couldnt even count the amount of turnovers from blind/soft passes. The sens defence got beat numerous times from speedy wingers taking it to the outside and allowed players to walk right into the slot and take a quality shot. Anderson was the difference maker and it could have gone either way in every game so far...

However, the main reason I came here was to ask rangers fans if they were as appauled as I was with the reffing last game? I think both sides got alot of calls that wouldnt have even been called in the regular season. Honestly how do they expect players to give it their all mentally and physically when they keep changing how they call the game? I thought this was the playoffs not pee-wee. Call the dangerous/obvious plays but it seems like if someone sneezed on the ice they wud give an unsportsmanlike call.

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