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04-19-2012, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
I agree, but I just can't get over that in NHL logic, what Neal did is equal to what Backstrom did, and what Weber did is less than both.
Weber should've gotten a game. I think it really sent a mixed message to the league's players and that's exactly the opposite of what you want. It's way too arbitrary.

In the pre-season Shanahan had it right. Big suspensions for dumb plays. The owners and players association freaked on him so he had to knuckle under. Now we have little consequence and mixed messages.

I feel for the league because hockey is a fluid game and all kinds of different situations occur. It's obviously hard to police. But they've got to come up with some kind of objective standard for disciplining players that everyone can agree on. And the whole philosophy of 'innocent until proven guilty' is the wrong way to do things.

As I said in the other thread. Chara (intentional or not) should've been suspended for his hit. It sends a message to the league that you have to be responsible for what you do on the ice. Intent or not... doesn't matter. Something should be given. If it's deemed intentional, then the suspension should be longer.

Too many times we watch as the league says something like 'strong hockey play' while a star player is sitting there writhing on the ice. If the league is serious about stopping it (and they've shown no signs that they actually are) then stiffer penalities and consistent policies have to be put in place. Until that happens, this is just going to keep re-occuring on the ice. Sad but true.

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