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04-19-2012, 11:46 AM
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Hardly any player is DEL-ready at age 17. They may be able to somewhat hold their own, but none of them would be trusted with playing more than 5 minutes a game. The DEL is not a place for a young player, especially for forwards. Playing 2.Bundesliga isn't bad, as long as you get the icetime. Icetime is what matters the most. Way too many players wasted years of their career on hardly any icetime.

I don't think that the current NHL-players are a particularly good example. Sturm and Hecht played in the mid-90s, the current DEL is completely different from how it was back then. Goc played on money-starved Schwenningen and it took quite a few injuries before he really got his chance and took off. Afterwards he was hurt by being relegated to lower lines in Mannheim.

Defenseman have got it a bit easier, but again, neither Seidenberg nor Ehrhoff are particularly good examples. Both were drafted in 2001, but Seidenberg was eligible in 1999 and Ehrhoff in 2000. Seidenberg didn't play in the DEL until the season after he was first draft eligible, and that was only three games. Ehrhoff got a small taste of the DEL in what should have been his draft-year, but wasn't close to establishing himself in the league either.

There certainly is nothing wrong with staying in Germany, some players would have fared better if they had stayed, others would have fared better if they had gone over. Kühnhackl got a few games in the DEL, he didn't look good at all. And while both Kühnhackl and Rieder had a lot of success for their age in the 2.Bundesliga, both got their icetime reduced when it mattered most. If even the very best we had in years get that kind of treatment, how is anyone supposed to play a significant role in the DEL at that age?

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