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11-21-2003, 12:20 AM
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Originally Posted by andora's box
your thread sucks, simply because you've started several, flooding the board with crap, stick to one thread.. that isn't hard, yet you didn't..

it obviously bothers you, great, it bothers me too, i hate diving, i hate seeing players go down easy.. but get over it.. voice your opinion here and there, but don't waste space with useless crap..
I don't need to get over anything. You, like wazee, seem obsessed with following me around and telling me your opinion of me. That's pretty telling.

As for the number of threads: the first, which I didn't start, was closed. The one I started specifically to refute a claim by RIAL was also driven way off topic. Since that was the case, I started another one in response to the clamoring by the weeping Avs fans that they were being targeted. They weren't. That thread was hijacked by idiots like you with posts like the above.

This thread was just in response to the notion that I was baiting by targeting certain players and an attempt to start an actual conversation, although you seem to be well on the way to hijacking this one, too.

I'm not obsessed with anything; I'm being responsive to the b!tching in what I hope is a constructive way while trying to get a point across. No one ever refutes my arguments or my research; they just say that they have and then believe themselves. Pointing out rhetorical flaws on a board that has a few really loud people who aren't smart enough even to see how dumb they're being is a disheartening experience.

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