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04-19-2012, 12:54 PM
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Originally Posted by German Way of War View Post
I dont know. Were you freaking out after Vancouver's game 1 win, with the blown late lead? I wasnt. The Rangers dominated that game from start to near finish.

These two OT losses are disconcerting, because in both of them, the Rangers blew a lead and were scored on at the opening of OT.

The manner in which the Rangers are losing, and the way they are not dictating the play, is why people are really freaking out. If the Rangers were playing sound, coherent hockey and losing because of opposing goaltending, it would be easier to stomach.

The sad fact is that the Rangers have not had a dominating performance in a playoff game since the Atlanta series. Fans have every right to be frustrated, especially when they're the favorites.

I still think they win the series, but they do not look like a Cup contender at all. They're luck the field after Ottawa is pretty weak.
Have not freaked out about a loss in a long time. The only ones that get me are the ones that eliminate us.

My experience here tells me that no matter how they lose a good amount of people freak out. About one in twenty people will understand that sometimes you lose.

The other nineteen will have excuses that can include, poor coaching, bad luck, bad performances by a scapegoat or two, bad refs, dirty other team etc.,

Almost no one understands that sometimes the other team won because they deserved it.

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