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Originally Posted by miker183 View Post
This is exactly my point though. Some (maybe most) Sens fans feel like we "got lucky" because Lundquist played so well. Fact is, this is the team that got us to where we are, goalie included. But, if that argument is made, then it is fair for me to ask which goalie is playing better than his season long body of work; and it ain't Lundquist. He has been THAT good all year long.
Sure you got lucky lundquist played so well. We got lucky anderson played so good. While there is some luck in hockey to winning games most sens fans arent saying "ohh that win was so fluke bcause Lundquist stopped all our shots"

Both goalies are good and sens fans know that. Goaltending is what makes or breaks playoffs. Look at Boston final series last year, so many times Thomas made saves that could have changed the outcome of the series. You cannot base the opinion of an entire city of fans on a couple of whinny ones. Every city has whinners.

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