Thread: News Article: Sabres' Regier preaches patience
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04-19-2012, 02:35 PM
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Throwing away assets for nothing always helps you sound credible.
If you've determined that a specific player is part of the problem, and needs to be moved... then the value of the player in trade is inconsequential.

How do you know we are not a contender next year without even giving the sabres an off season to work with....what a joke.
Because Lindy Ruff will be the head coach, a proven #1 center will NOT be acquired, and the new core of this team is too young.

You want to throw 3.5m at Stoll who scored 5 goals this year.
Are we just looking at what players did in there last season now? So Derek Roy is a 40 pt player... ok... we can play it your way.

Stoll is a Paul Gaustad's size and faceoff ability combined with actual NHL level skating ability. And hands good enough to be a 15-20 goal player.

We always have a chance to acquire a top center

and the Islanders always have a chance to win the cup at the beginning of each season...

I guess if you were running the team you would tell the guys we aren't contending so no piont in trying.
if I were running the team, we'd be building a contender instead of continually trying to add to the mess

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