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04-19-2012, 02:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Coldshot View Post
The sad part is, there are so many players on this team who just haven't stepped it up, and if they were playing near at least half of their capabilities, the Rangers would have won this series already.

If I need to go down the list, I will.
How's this for starters:
Del Zotto

Stepan has been far and away the most invisible and biggest disappointment thus far. For a player who has put up close to 100 points his first 2 regular seasons, this is his 2nd straight pathetic playoffs performance. I'm not sure about him anymore going forward.

Dubinsky is another story; he's never been the brightest bulb in the box with his mindless decisions on the ice but he always worked hard defensively and on puck possession. I'm not sure if he'll ever return to the 20/30 guy he was 2 years ago.

Anisimov to me is just yet another in a long line of Russian enigmas.
He has size, ability and is defensively aware but I don't see his ceiling as all that high.

Del Zotto had a wonderful regular season and is invaluable offensively to the Rangers. However, he still makes lousy decisions in the defensive zone and he needs to improve a lot if he ever is going to be an effective point man on the power play.

Gaborik is what he is; a gifted goal scorer who played all 82 games but he is unable to create for himself, is a lousy puck handler and has a tendency to disappear when the checking gets tight and the play gets more physical in the playoffs.

Thoughts? Did I leave anyone else out?

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