Thread: TSN 1260: What's going on? Part 3
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04-19-2012, 02:23 PM
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I agree, as if you have had a chance to listen to Corey's pbp broadcasts you would know that he is not, by any means, lazy. Before every Oil King broadcast, he is well prepared before going on the air, and calls the game the way most radio listeners would appreciate. In fact, I would say that he is ten times better than the two knobs that are currently calling the Oilers broadcast. Via the sat-radio I have the opportunity to listen to many of the other NHL home pbp broadcasters, and by far, imho the Oilers employ the worst, which is unfortunate, given the long standing individual that held that position previous.

To the benefit of those that listen to the Oil Kings, Corey sticks to calling the game as he sees it, from whistle to whistle, providing background and or detail during the whistle breaks. He can articulate what is taking place on the ice as well as communicate his excitement so that the listener can anticipate a great play, save, or goal. This opposed to having the two radio Oiler broadcasters, who talk throughout what should be the pbp on the ice, attempting to prove who is smarter at trivia, or name dropping. Too often, the play has been missed, and you do not know where the play is on the ice, what exactly has happened, or what lead to it happening. You are often left to have no feel for the game, and I have given up trying to listen to them. They are terrible, and whoever is responsible for their hire, should be fired.

Dan is out of his pay-grade, and though many on this board dislike Rob Brown, he has actually played in the NHL, and often listening to what he has to say is the only saving grace of the complete broadcast. I would love to see the TEAM obtain the Oilers broadcast rights, but in doing so I am afraid that they would have to take Michaels & Stauffer as well.

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