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04-19-2012, 02:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Blueshirt Believer View Post
Honestly, I don't think its going to change. Torts is EXTREMELY stubborn, and doesn't seem to want to make adjustments. He doesn't believe his team can carry the offensive play(hence the post game comments of "I thought they played well").

I do not expect it to change at all. Remember, he got out coached by Bruce Boudreau.
I don't expect him to change it, I'm just trying to identify what I think is really wrong here.

I mean, I don't mean to absolve AA, Step, Dubi, etc. from blame, but I think a lot of it has to do with how we're playing too.

I think Dubi still does most of the little things well. I like his game. He's not gonna be the 65 point guy we thought he could be, but he is a great 35-45 point all around contributor. He played over his head last year and we probably overpaid him. If he is moved I'll be sorry to see him go but understand it. There's a chance his offense bounces back, but I think at best he's a 50 point gritty two-way winger now.

Stepan's been very disappointing, but he's young and I still think he's rarely out on a shift in which he's with players that he can succeed with. He needs to play with skilled guys consistently. I hate how Torts insists on spreading our grinders out throughout the entire lineup so that guys like Prust and Fedetenko and Mitchell are racking up ice time. Keep them in the bottom six and keep the bottom six to bottom six minutes. Put the skilled guys together and let them work it out until something develops. I know, that doesn't fit the clamp down and play defensive hockey for 50 minutes philosophy...

Gaborik can't create on his own. It's been said before and it's that simple. He's played okay. He just doesn't create his own opportunities so he looks pretty invisible.

Anisimov we should assume is just going to be a third line center/winger with spurts of offensive creativity but mostly a solid defensive winger. If he never gets paid much more than he makes and he becomes a full-time third liner who we rarely ask for more out of, he will be a good third liner for this team. Asking/expecting more from him is probably misguided.

I like Del Zotto but I don't think he's as invaluable as a puck mover for us as people think. If he looks for a huge pay day, I would consider moving him before overpaying him. I think we need a different puck mover, to be honest, and while it's nice having McD, Staal, Girardi (all three of whom I LOVE and think are studs) I think one of McD/Staal is eventually going to have to go and their spot will have to go to a legit top four puck mover (preferably with a SHOT). MDZ can be our #2 puck mover or can be dealt to help us acquire someone that fits our specific needs better. We need a guy who can rush the puck, push the play, PP the QB, and break the puck out. Again, I like DZ, but I don't think he's as good as others do and I don't think he's going to develop into the KIND of puck mover we're lacking. He can be a compliment to that, or part of finding, should he demand too much money.

I've been disappointed in Richards. It's not that he's played poorly, he just hasn't lived up to expectations. He got hot at the end of the season when the games were almost meaningless (we were going to have home ice as a 1-4 no matter what, pretty much) and now he's gone cold again. If not for that hot stretch at the season his numbers would be abysmally disappointing and right now I don't like his decision making with the puck. He's not the silky passer he was advertised as either and he does not make the PP go the way he's supposed to. He's probably actually my least favorite Ranger right now (but that's largely because of the fact that I love all of our homegrown guys - I don't actually DISLIKE Richards).

Anyhow, I don't actually think the guys individually are playing too badly, except for Stepan having an awful series and Richards/Gaborik not contributing enough. I think we expect too much out of some guys because we had high hopes for them and they didn't reach that ultimate ceiling. Dubi, Cally and AA are all guys who are not as offensively talented as we want them to be. Cally had a great year and Dubi had an off year. When they both play their normal years Dubi is probably a 40ish point guy and Cally is probably a 50ish point guy. Arty is probably a 35-40ish point guy. They're all very responsible, hard-working, reliable two-way guys who I'm happy to have (although Dubi got overpaid). Do I expect them to have combined for more points than they HAVE in this series? Yes. Do I expect them to score a LOT more? Not at all. And part of the reason I think they're not scoring is the "sit on the lead" and try to "hold on" mentality Torts has them playing with.

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