Thread: Post-Game Talk: ECQF Game #4: Rangers at Sens
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04-19-2012, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by msv957 View Post
Torts has this team playing a defensive minded system exactly how they played it in the regular season. This system had a lot of success in making this team have the best record in the East. It helped Hank to probably get his coveted Vezina stats this year. Why not go with what got you this far? The series is not over.
Because, as I pointed out, 2 goals of support is not enough in the playoffs, to just try and clamp down and hold on. Ottawa is an attacking team, expecting them to score 1 goal each game is not going to work. If they score 2, we have to score 3, which we're not going to do if we stop attacking after a 2 goal lead, early in the game. Part of the great record we had was due to the fact that in the regular season, we could hold on, run the clock down, play a 5 minute 4 on 4 OT (with a point already guaranteed to us by that point), and go to a SO if need be. Now we can't do that. We don't gain anything by going to OT and it's not 5 minutes, nor 4 on 4. It's just another period of hockey, but now we HAVE to score. So what's the point of waiting til OT to attack? Might as well attack before it gets to a sudden death situation and try to give your goalie more than 1 goal of leeway. With 2 goals of support, Henrik is only allowed to give up 1. Not gonna cut it.

21 of our points in the standings this season came from OT/SO wins or OT loser points. There are no SO's/loser points in the playoffs and we seem unable to win a 5 on 5 OT.

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