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04-19-2012, 02:51 PM
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Rick does a great job, IMO. He's also doing national broadcasts so he can't be that bad. I think it was in the Blues-Sharks series just a couple days ago when several fans asked in the GDT who the PBP guy (Rick) was and said how good he was. He knows his stuff, rarely makes mistakes with player's names and he's got a good voice.

With the Chief I sometimes ask myself how he still has a job. Some nights he's just awful. I'm not even talking about his blind homerism at times - which sometimes really is an issue, I mean, come on, just call it how it is! - I'm talking about his miscalls, messing up names and whole plays, being too late drawing circles on the telecast or that awkward silence when he's supposed to say something but instead he just watches the game or replay and goes "...", "tsssk", "ssshh", "mmmh" or "wow". Most of the time though, he's pretty entertaining (intentionally and unintentionally) and seemingly a good guy so I have nothing against him. But we all know there are better color commentators out there.

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