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04-19-2012, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by we want cup View Post
Let's take a look at the OT games Hank has lost, shall we?

4/18/12 @ Ottawa
Turris uses the defenseman as a screen and fires an absolute laser to the top corner. Would have been an incredibly difficult save to make, and I would hazard a guess that that goes in against just about any goalie in any game.

4/14/12 vs. Ottawa
Neil goal. No stick, puck bouncing around. Weird goal, not much blame for the goalie.

4/20/11 vs. Washington
Chimera goal. Obviously not his fault in the slightest.

4/13/11 @ Washington
Semin absolutely rips a one timer on a cross-ice pass. No goalie can be expected to make that save.

5/4/08 @ Pittsburgh
Hossa goal. Broken play ends with the puck on the stick of one of the most dangerous snipers in the game. Might want this one back, but it certainly isn't a "bad goal" by any stretch.

4/13/08 vs. New Jersey
Madden goal. Total fluke, can't blame the goalie.

5/4/07 @ Buffalo
Afinogenov goal. Buffalo on the PP, big point shot with lots of traffic. Could he have made the save? Maybe, but that's not a save you ever expect your goalie to make.

And you want the real kicker? How about this: Henrik has played almost two full games of playoff overtime hockey (about 119 minutes and change), and in that time, his team has given him a grand total of one goal. One goal.
When you have to start rationalizing every goal one by're definitely working too hard. Bottom are your record. His record is not good.

It's not against the rules to make a save on a goal that isn't your fault if it goes in. That's what the greats do.

We should still win the series, and Hank will hopefully be a big part of that. We can win the Cup too. But he has to stop the shots in overtime and not give us more reasons to describe why a future goal wasn't his fault.

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