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04-19-2012, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by albatross View Post
I anxiously await the day when Chief sees something so stupid he forgets he's on tv and actually starts cursing. It's gonna happen.

As far as homers go. Rick not so much, although he has his moments.

Chief can be quite homerish. Yeah, he rips on the Bolts, but he's definitely a homer. The constant goalie never being at fault riff is getting old as well. Sorry Chief, but sometimes a goal is caused by a goalie being bad, not the D, forwards not backchecking, bad ice, missed call, or whatever else.

As for Chief never criticizing goaltending, that's what goalies-turned-broadcasters do.

Still take our crew over anybody on NBCSN though. Even with PK thrown in.
Both are Lightning homers. Chief, is the more obvious one, but if you listen carefully, Peckham shows his homerism as well.

Originally Posted by chasespace View Post
I'd rather see Dingman take over PK's spot. Let the Rays and Magic have him to themselves.
I think that PK and Dingman need to coexist, at opposite ends of the spectrum, for either to be tolerable.

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