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04-19-2012, 05:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Macbeth View Post
I actually have not.

Everybody can see why you are going about everything that displeases you about this team in such an emofied way : you can barely take act of what is going on or said that does not fit your very warped sense of how things are/should be.

All I am doing is exposing how apocalyptical is your reading of the trade and how that does not make for informed, balanced analysis.

You are hysterial (as your ramblind postings show) and it is tiresome. Everybody can back up their opinions; you haven't; saying "Bob McKenzie finds the way the deal was made really weird" does not back up your teen-angsty "WE SHOULDA GOTTEN A FIRST AND CROSBY FOR HIM NOT A SECOND AND A HEADACHE OH LORD WHY ME????".

As a closing word on this : do you know what panelists said about the Philadelphia Flyers's trades last summer ? Some of them were cautious, others downright hateful, and some yet thought of them great and savvy. You can pick and chose, be our guests, as long as it fuels your indignation about everything not fantasy-based.
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