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04-19-2012, 05:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Leafs03 View Post
It makes me so sick how all these Leafs fans make other Leafs fans look so dumb. Like seriously. What in the hell makes you think Ducks will trade their young C??????? Like do you even think before you make a proposal thread?? probably not...We have a 5th overall pick and the possibility to draft one that has potential to be a number 1 C on this team! Thats the only way this team is going to get a num C!!!!! If it was so easy to trade for one, i think Burke would have done it already!. Num 1 C is the hardest position to get! and don't think cause Leafs are so in need for one, other teams are just going to trade it to us......
I fully agree.

No other team with a #1 center is going to take pity on the Leafs and simply hand one over. If the Leafs want a #1 center, they are going to have to DRAFT one and they are currently nicely placed on the Draft board to do so.

I just wish that people like this thread's OP would get it through their thick skulls that the Leafs cannot afford to spend the type of assets that it would very likely cost to acquire established players like Joe Thornton, Ryan Getzlaf, etc.

The majority of Leaf fans (like the OP here) on these boards need to develop some patience. Quick fixes DON'T WORK!! Smart drafting and proper player development almost always yields better results over the long-term.

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