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Originally Posted by Rocky- View Post
Value up slightly. So Detroits 1rst, Purcell and who else now?
Seriously though- Vancouver is a tough hockey market. If they trade Schneider- Gillis job is on the line and it could be a disaster in the order of the Cam Neely trade. That one still hurts. It is pretty obvious now- Schneider is now Vancouver's #1 goalie and the real deal.
Originally Posted by jj1944 View Post
Not a chance the team trades Cory Schneider. You should read the article written by a Canuck beat writer yesterday, they asked a source in management the type of player it would take to trade him and they said as example from Philadelphia, Claude Giroux. The team clearly doesn't want to trade him and playing your back up in must win games is slap a face, I doubt Luongo wants to be on the team anymore either after that.
"A Vancouver source", awesome, the janitor could be Vancouvers "source". Im sure thats what everyone in the front office would love to get for him. Doesnt mean thats what is actually being asked for, or what he would actually get.

Doesnt matter what Vancouver wants honestly. Unless they plan to sacrifice cap space for two goalies being paid to be a number 1. Schneider isnt going to commit to Vancouver unless Luongo is gone. You can take that to the bank. Why would he? He wants to be a number one and is about to enter his prime.

Vancouver will have to trade Luongo before Schneider signs. But they may not be able to do that before Schneider signs an offer sheet that the Canucks could match and hope they can move Luongo, but if not, it will hurt them putting together a full team.

At least I think we can all agree that the offseason is going to be interesting. One way or another.

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