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Originally Posted by MarkovsKnee View Post
I don't know if anyone saw that Mark Staal hit on Jason Spezza? Spezza went down for a few seconds then got up and went to the locker room. Just saw on TSN Spezza saying that he thought it was a dirty hit. My reaction: "Are you kidding me?"

I have no idea why Spezza entered the Rangers zone with his head so low. He was about chest level on Staal, and they're about the same size. As soon as I saw him coming across the blueline like that, "I thought Spezza are you trying to get yourself killed?" As it was Staal just pushed Spezza away with his hands, he didn't even hit him. Staal could've killed him, and he wouldn't have gotten anything because Spezza was so low. But, he didn't it. It wasn't dirty at all.

Also, Spezza is not a big game player. He kept turning the freaking puck over, and pretty much sucked in the 3rd and OT. MacLean was chirping at him something wicked on the bench. It was almost Sundinesque (when he was with Quebec).

Sens role players, D and Anderson are making this a series.
Erik Karlsson...nough said. When will people realize he is a way better player than Spezza?

He is now showing everyone around the league he could dominate in a hard hitting war defensive series as well eating up 30+ minutes in games and none below 25 mins so far.

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