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11-21-2003, 04:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Guy!
*fury alert*

Fist let me say how absolutely fed up I am with Pedneault who supposedly has the knowledge of the game but lets his personal bias get in the way constantly. In no way, shape or form was that last goal the result of anything Souray did; he had his man, and he had him covered well. On the other hand, one of Pedneault's precious French players (his bigotry is astounding at times), Quintal, let his man go completely from the moment the puck was dropped. Gelinas was allowed to walk in alone and it was Quintal and not Souray who was completely at fault. Pedneault, take yourself off the air with absolute assine comments like that, you only show your bigotry.


Notes: (and it's going to be ugly)

A concerned fan.
Guy, another great report...I think most players pretty much deserved the grades that you assessed them...I was so disappointed with Ryder's performance (as with many of the other players)...He looked like he was sleepwalking out there...I can honestly say that was the worse game I ever saw him play...And Zednik looked equally as bad or even worse when you consider that he's a veteran and supposedly one of our better players.:mad:

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