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11-21-2003, 04:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Jozeph_Balej
Pavel is the greatest russian of the new area , he scored back to back 60 g season something only the greats did .

1 Calder
2 Rocket Ricahrd Trophy
2 back-to-back 60 goal season ( something only the greats did )
Played with the Red Army at 16 only ( best Russian league at the time )
1 Stanley Cup Finals
6 All Star Games
2 Olympics tournement (silver and bronze, 5 goals in semifinal in Nagano, best scorer of Olympics 1998)

He's the all time scoring leader at the WJC .
Originally Posted by Kirk Muller
People who think Pavel Bure won't - or shouldn't - be in the Hall of Fame are deluded.

He is one of the best goal scorers in the history of professional ice hockey. His career did not consist of "a few good years", but rather a complete decade of goalscoring dominance. Over the course of his career, he missed only about 200 games due to injuries, too, out of a potential 900.
Originally Posted by jackets63
If hes the best player at something in his time frame (goal scoring or just general excitement) isnt that what the hall is there to recognize?
Well you convinced me

And the question, does the SC show the greatness of a player? Many uknown players won it but it doesn't make them better?! You know the guy like Yzerman won SC only after 15 years!!! he entered the nhl. Only when guys like Fedorov, Larionov, Konstantinov, Lidstrom, Shanahan... appeared in the team he got this chance. Without them he wouldn't have big chances to win SC but without him the team still could win. Bure has never had such support but still he lead his team to the 7th game of SC final!

PS: I hope Bure will back healthy even he'll be 35.

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