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11-21-2003, 04:48 AM
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Originally Posted by patp77
Darz hit it right on the nail. You can have all the skill in the world but if you are both:

A) Small
B) A slow player

Then you're journey to making it in the NHL will be a difficult one. PM Bouchard is considered a fast skater and although he doesn't possess Ribeiro's vision and creativity with the puck, he makes up for it in speed to get around players. However, if Ribeiro keeps improving on his skating and size (which he has) then he could potentially become a great player. It's just that not very many players in Ribeiro's situation are able to improve enough in speed and size to become the great players.
I agree, sort of.

Ribs' skating is a big problem, but the problem isn't top-end speed. Ribs' is never going to be a guy to blow around d-men, and even if he had that speed, that's just not his game.

Look at Koivu. He's small and doesn't have great speed, but what he has is quickness in the offensive zone and the ability to protect the puck. This is what is lacking from Ribs' game. When Ribs has room, look out, but when someone is playing him tight he has troubles. He has to learn to protect the puck with his body and build up some strength to plant himself so he doesn't get knocked off the puck so easily. If he doens't learn to create room for himself he'll never be successful.

The good news is things like protecting the puck can be taught, and he has a damn good example of how things should be done in Koivu.

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