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Second Pairings

Goodfellow-Reise vs. Ross-Goldham

I'm not sure if there's really a way to compared Goodfellow and Ross. I don't like to rely on canon and say one guy is better than the other just because he's consistently drafted above him. But, I don't see any real other way. If it means anything, Goodfellow was ranked #43 on the Top Defensemen project, whereas Ross was not ranked. Both were very good offensive defensemen. At the end of the day, Goodfellow has a proven track record as an elite defenseman at the post-consolidated NHL level. No voting record or awards exists for Ross. I think Goodfellow is the better player.

Reise and Goldham played at basically the same time, so this should be a good comparison. Goldham made 2 all star games based on merit, and Reise made 3. Advantage Reise there. Here's a look at all star voting record:

Goldham: 3, 5, 7, 8
Reise: 3, 4, 11

That 7th place finish for Goldham came in 45-46 when the NHL was significantly depleted, perhaps more than any other war season. Remove the 3rd place finishes, 4th beats 5, and I think an 11th place finish in 53-54 is more impressive than a 7th place finish in 45-46. That gives Goldham an 8th to nothing for Reise. But, we don't have voting beyond the top 4 for some of Reise's best years. But doesn't this apply to Goldham too, since they played at the same time? Not necessarily. Follow my logic here. In the years Goldham made the all star game based on merit, 1949 and 1952, we have the complete voting record for 49, but not 52. So, chances are Goldham would have another decent finish there in 52. Reise made the all star game on merit in 1951, 1952, and 1953. We don't have the complete voting record for any of these seasons. But, Reise was 4th in voting in 51. In 52 and 53, we have nothing beyond the top 4. So, I think it's reasonable to suspect that Reise has 2 pretty good finishes in those 2 seasons as well. So, Goldham is probably missing one good finish, and Reise is probably missing two. Add in the fact that Goldham finish came in a very weak year, I'm not sure if you can really call his record any better than Reise's. Offensively, neither one was particularly strong, but they both had a little offensive ability. Goldham's PPG is .263 over 650 games, and Reise's is .221 over 494 games. Goldham gets the advantage there. These two were actually teammates for a bit in Detroit. Both bring physicality to the table, but I think Reise brings a bit more. Both were also large players for their era. I'll give Goldham a slight edge as an overall player, but I don't think it's very large at all. I don't think they are 30 picks apart like they were picked this year.

Overall, 2nd pairings are an advantage to Philadelphia. What it comes down to is that the gap between Goodfellow and Ross is larger than the gap between Goldham and Reise(if such a gap even exists). Philadelphia's group is the more physical group as well.

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