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04-20-2012, 12:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Dagoon44 View Post
I see titles of thread that say Dubi, Stepan, Richards all about the guys not playing well and costing the team a chance to advance but when the hell is anyone going to call out Hank? The so called King of NYC is a pure horror show in OT and has been out played once again in the series by a guy with half his talent.. 3-1 lead vs Caps a few yrs ago we lose the series shoot out vs the flyers to make playoffs we lose the shoot out and now this.. Until he wins in the plays off he is not even as good as Steve Weeks so sorry but the king is weak in the crunch
This is progress for you, Dagoon. As astoundingly wrong and ridiculous as this is, as insulting as it is, at least you aren't trying to pin potential failures on a lack of goons like you usually do.


I'm not sure what's more amusing: the alarmist reaction to a 2-2 playoff series in a year where the league's two best teams are both down 3-1 in their own playoff series, or the fact that the lack of consistent offense, so clearly the reason that the Rangers have lost games in this series, is being overlooked for what is so clearly the team's strongest quality: Henrik Lundqvist's goaltending.

Originally Posted by German Way of War View Post
I'm giving Henrik the chance to redeem himself. He better. His long list of protectors will get really short if he has another game like yesterday and the Rangers get eliminated.
He has nothing to redeem himself for, because he played a great game yesterday. Turris' shot went between Stralman's legs. Anyone who has tended goal at any level will tell you that those shots are almost impossible to stop. You immediately lose sight of the puck, and you can't tell if the angle of delivery has changed. The Rangers didn't lose because of Lundqvist last night, and Lundqvist is just about the last reason they failed to advance in any previous playoff appearance. Lundqvist is the only reason any of those previous playoff appearances happened, and he's by far the biggest reason this team finished in first place.

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