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04-20-2012, 01:25 AM
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Originally Posted by KingWantsCup View Post
I'm know Dubi isn't Gabby, but he's a great all around player that has many more aspects to his game than Gaborik, not necessarily making him more valuable than Gaborik (let's face it, it's not even a comparison) but making him valuable in his own way. The only problem with Dubi is his goal scoring, every other facet of his game has been fine.

Before this year, Dubi's career average in goals was about 18 and assists was 27. This year Dubi put up 10 goals and 24 assists. That's about an 56% decrease in goal scoring compared to his career average. His assists were pretty much on par. It's not worth nit picking him over 3 less assists, so that part of his game was fine. +/- you always take with a grain of salt, but he was a +16 this year compared to other guys we view as defensive specialists/ penalty killers such as Boyle (+2), Anisimov (+12), and Callahan (-8).

All in all the Dubi we saw this year is the Dubi we've always known with the exception of him not putting it in the net as frequently. He's had the same amount of chances, he's just been flubbing on a lot of them. This could come from the pressure of living up to his new contract. Dubinsky is someone with a lot of pride. I personally see him putting in a killer summer and being more focused than ever to have a career year next year. Considering goal scoring is essentially the only part of his game missing, it is definitely worth the risk to keep him next year and bet that he puts in goal totals closer to, or greater than his career average while maintaining what he's always brought to the table.
I do suppose you do watch the games and not just the stats, but Dubi really doesn't do "everything else right", he is a no show for most games and have been all season long. It seems like he has lot a bit of his edge, he's not burning like he used to do. And that has nothing to do with his numbers. I'm not 100% in for trading him, since his value is all time low, but our need for scoring is urgent and if Slats believes we can land Parise he will be traded.

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