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03-11-2006, 02:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Ott = Snott
Considering Hedberg is like 9-2 this year, sure..

If you exclude the goalies, the Stars have a better team than the Flames. Heck, even when you include the goalies.
Actually, we'd both be neck-and-neck if you took away the shootout victories the Stars have. I like the Stars as a team and I think they're a serious Cup contender this year, but the only real edge the Stars have is in the shootouts (where we are, admittedly, godawful).

As far as Hedberg goes, he's the best backup in the league (after Biron, I suppose). Not a lot of teams have the luxury of having a backup like him.

Hahaha. True. They are in the bottom 5 for teams in terms of goals scored.

I think Calgary is ripe for an upset come playoff time. They play every game like it's the playoffs. The Olympic Break helped them but I think by the time the postseason comes around they are going to be so physically and, more importantly, mentally exhausted that they will fall in the first round.
They desperately need scoring. I still can't believe the best thing they could get was Jamie Lundmark.
Iginla looks slow and lethargic out there most nights. I guess if they get on a roll and their collection of 3rd line players put in a goal here and there they could go far. But I think they're ready to be upset.
Actually, they made the finals last year for that very reason. Everyone thought they were down & out after each round because they were too exhausted, banged up, etc. (especially against the far more talented Red Wings), but they just kept on plugging along. And yes, it's not hard to limit our scoring, but it's really hard to score on us.

But yeah, good game. Nice to finally get a win over you guys, considering how long you've had our number. I have to admit, I was really impressed when I learned that was the first time the Stars were shut out this season.

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