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04-20-2012, 03:23 AM
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That's why he won't face Clarke most of the time...

Let's look at the lines in a vacuum.

1st lines:
Lada's line is much better defensively, but my line crushes it offensively. Overall player for player, my line is actually much better - everyone has a clear edge over their counterpart, and Makarov just crushes Hossa.

2nd lines:
I don't think Hawerchuk is really better than Thornton, but then I find him extremely overrated. And I never got the school of thought that calls him good defensively - he's been atrocious in the 90's, so he'd have to be great in Winnipeg to average out as above average. Same with any semblance of physicality. He's better goalscorer than Thornton, but Thornton's the better playmaker, more physical, and got both better production finishes and more recognition. Hawerchuk has a better playoff resume, but I don't think the edge is so big. I actually think Thornton is the better center here by a small bit. However, Joliat has a solid edge on Goulet, not huge but clearly larger than what Thornton has on Hawerchuk. Recchi also has an edge on Mullen, but again I don't think it's much. Overall Lada's line is better, even though the edge is rather smallish. Both are exceptionally strong 2nd lines.

3rd lines:
Mine is more of grind type, while Lada's of all-out defense type. Offensively, my players are much better. Defensively, Lada's line is better. Physicality-wise, no contest whatsoever. There's however two things I think give my line very clear edge here. First, Klukay's playing off-position. Second, Kasper is tiny, and will have hell of a time doing any sort of effective checking on Lemieux or Thornton.

4th lines:
Basically a wash, a bunch of specialists and solid guys all around.

Overall I think I have a pretty clear edge on the forward corps.

I'll try to look at the rest on Sunday.

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