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Originally Posted by Selanne138 View Post
Him leaving the franchise was the best thing that ever happened to the franchise, because post lockout we became competitive spenders, which we wouldnt have been able to do with Kariya's 10 million dollar salary, and this led us to a cup.
so why do we still need to **** all over the guy? him leaving clearly helped us. I don't care about what he said to who or what not. If Kariya really wanted money, he would have played for the Ducks and stayed there at a nice home town discount of two million. Really. If Kariya had just stayed with the Ducks, he would have a lot more money, and who knows might even still be playing.

Instead sticking with the Ducks, he tried to reunite with Teemu, but neither had the opportunity or health to make anything happen with the Avs. I really became a full fledged Duck fan again, when Teemu came back.

for a lot of fans, it was great to see Selanne and Kariya play a couple of times together with the Avs. I'm still pretty disappointed he didn't come back in 2010/2011. Him and Teemu would have definitely had higher point totals if they were playing on a line with Koivu.

I plead ignorance to a lot of the nitty gritty sports center sound bites of the Paul Kariya "trade/quit" from the Ducks to the Avs... but it was so long ago, I'd rather remember him and Teemu playing together in the 1990's, putting the franchise on the map.

Everyone is so glad it's Teemu got the Cup, not Paul. But hot damn would it have been amazing to see Teemu and Paul win a cup together. I really think he could have helped us in the playoffs last year. oh well. I hope we just do exactly what the Leafs do. It's the one thing I like about the Leafs, it's not a cluster **** of #'s on the ice, because sometimes, players get to wear the numbers.

Kariya's number shouldn't be retired. The only number worthy of retirement is Teemu's #8. But to keep things consistent, we could just honour Teemu's number 8. If anyone has big enough balls to request that number, they better ask Teemu really nice, and ensue a giant beak fest from the entire team.

on the topic of retired numbers... it's so stupid EA retired 99 for the whole league. Ovechkin had to switch to number 88 instead, on my be a gm Ducks team.

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