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04-20-2012, 06:08 AM
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Originally Posted by LoSTRaMaiR View Post
I don't like PK that much, he's ok.. I think I read(could be completely off on this) that sun is his network. If that is the case, doubt he's going anywhere unless he wants to. I like Rick. Chief was kind of bad this season, many people said he sounds trashed during broadcasts. I like him alright, he has been better in past seasons I think. Like someone else said, every teams announcers will probably have some homer in them. I hate listening to any broadcast other than ours. Homer in me says our guys aren't as bad as others around the league. I like hearing Rick during the playoffs, but worries me that he may be getting a promotion like Jay Crawford several years back. I like Dinger but he can be kind of dull/dry. Anyway, I like things the way they are
Did you watch the games?

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