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04-20-2012, 07:00 AM
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I really don't see a Swiss team joining the KHL in the next 10 years (and I'm talking about established teams - not Huttwil. Huttwil is a... well... different story). The domestic league is financally stable and has okay-ish attendance. But more so: Swiss teams have absolutely no history with Russian teams and I don't see Swiss hockey fans being interested about games against Russian teams. There's just no tradition.

Sure, for die hard hockey fans it's probably interesting to see some of the best hockey players of the world (not playing in the NHL) but the casual SC Bern fan wants to see games against Zurich or Fribourg - and not against AK Bars Kazan (We don't have to discuss that Bars Kazan is "better" than Fribourg - you just can't "create" rivalries out of thin air like they sometimes do in North America).

Sure, there's always the possibility with Huttwil (The "Helvetics") but you know the story behind this, right? There's a rich dude living in Huttwil whose team couldn't get promoted to the 2nd tier (because of a stupid formal mistake) and he was so angry about it he simply disbanded the team (first he threatened joining the KHL) and I simply can't imagine anyone caring for a possible KHL team is Switzerland when you have a full fuctioning domestic league with 70 year old rivalries against a team with no history in a non-hockey market.

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