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04-20-2012, 08:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Unless he has another terrible year I don't see how they couldn't get at least that. He's a legit sniper with a short contract and teams will pay for that. Even after his awful season he's should be able to get a first.

Again... that's great. What's not great though is that we didn't get what we should for Cammy. Yes it's nice to get say a 40th overall. But when you could've gotten a 12th or 13th, then there's not much to be happy about right?

Dude, that's a fair point. But I'm sorry it doesn't warrant us for giving away Cammy for less than what we should've gotten for him.

Saying that the 37th in next year's draft is better than the 15th in this years' is a nice way to spin it (and unlikely to be true) but it still doesn't mean that we should be happy about this trade. There's no way we maximized Cammy, we didn't even try.

You say it could work out for us... okay, it's possible. Doesn't mean that we couldn't have gotten more or that we shouldn't have tried a lot harder to get a better deal. Banking on a 2nd rounder is not a good strategy when you're giving away your best sniper.
we'll see, i have my doubts that many teams would pick up Cammy when he's going to be paid 14M. Perhaps a team that feels they are close but need a sniper but have cap space, money to burn and are ok with a soft one trick pony.

I'd rather have a top 40 pick next year then say 15th this year. Better to have a later pick in what could be a great draft, then a good pick in what could be a weak draft. It's all a gamble as we don't know what these drafts will yield over the next 10+ years. But at the end of the day, I'm happy with getting a 2nd next year, hope it works out well for us, I can understand wanting more but for a player like Cammy I don't think we could have gotten much more as I couldn't stand watching him play, so for me when I can't stand watching a player it tells me all I need to know.

But since I know this will never end, I will say we should have gotten more, damn that PG, what a jerk... booo!!!

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