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04-20-2012, 08:58 AM
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Originally Posted by montreal View Post
we'll see, i have my doubts that many teams would pick up Cammy when he's going to be paid 14M. Perhaps a team that feels they are close but need a sniper but have cap space, money to burn and are ok with a soft one trick pony.
It's a different ballgame before the season starts because there are FAs available and lots more flexibility. At the deadline, he's worth a 1st rounder for sure. Unless he has another terrible year in which case... well, his value will be seriously compromised. A bad year on a bad team is one thing and clubs will overlook it. If he does it again in Calgary next season? Then his value will be more in the 2nd rounder range.
Originally Posted by montreal View Post
I'd rather have a top 40 pick next year then say 15th this year. Better to have a later pick in what could be a great draft, then a good pick in what could be a weak draft. It's all a gamble as we don't know what these drafts will yield over the next 10+ years. But at the end of the day, I'm happy with getting a 2nd next year, hope it works out well for us, I can understand wanting more but for a player like Cammy I don't think we could have gotten much more as I couldn't stand watching him play, so for me when I can't stand watching a player it tells me all I need to know.
I doubt a 45th overall next year is going to be better than a midround first this year.
Originally Posted by montreal View Post
But since I know this will never end, I will say we should have gotten more, damn that PG, what a jerk... booo!!!
Great. I agree.

Some things are very clear cut. The Gomez trade was awful and tons of folks defended it. There was no defending that trade. And this is exactly the same situation. It was a bad trade, end of story. Some things are clear cut enough that you can outright say it and this is one of those times. People can try to spin it positive all they wish, but we got hosed here.
Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Yeah the way Cammy was playing I can't see us doing any better than the Calgary trade. He had history there and they were desperate.
That's right they were desperate. All the more reason to use it to our advantage to drive up the price and make them wait and look around the league. Of course we didn't do that... we just dumped him as soon as we could because PG was embarrassed.

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