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11-21-2003, 05:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Sabot55
Then don't try to sell us Boguniecki, Rycroft, and Khavanov, as you did in your previous post.
I don't think his intent was to sell, but more to inform.

As far as the Jackman trade, I don't think the Blues do it as he is the Future of the team, as far as D goes. Right now, the Blues have Backman and Belle that have the Potential to be top pairing D, beyond that, we don't have much that could come close. (I may be being generous to Backman by saying his could be top pairing and Belle is still in Jr. and wont see NHL for 4 years at least).

As I said previously, I don't see the Blues being able to acquire Satan. The cost would be to great. We would be more likely to get Connolly and Afini, as both have issues. (Afini w/ the concussions and Connolly due to lack of progress and not enough icetime available with the Sabres forwards).

Just MO.

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