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11-21-2003, 06:52 AM
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Originally Posted by degroat
.. and you still don't get it. Those players were called both 'spare parts' and 'crap' by people who obviously arenít very educated when it comes to those players. I have made it VERY clear that the Sabres would never do that deal in EVERY POST I have made and anyone with at least a little ability to comprehend what their reading could tell that my intent was never to suggest that it's a good deal for the Sabres. Yet, you have in EVERY POST told us how it's a bad deal for the Sabres and you keep saying it like it some new revelation.
Never said they were "crap." They are, with Buffalo's situation, spare parts in this deal. In Buffalo, Boguniecki is a third line RW, Rycroft in on the fourth line, and Khavanov is the #4 d-man. All this for the Sabres' leading scorer the past five years. Spare parts.