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Didn't want to bump the off-season speculation thread as that might annoy the hell out of people... so posting this here.

Here are my thoughts on who might move in the off-season, trying not to let my sentiment get in the way. Been thinking about this a lot:

Thornton - No, unless for some reason he asks out. I've flip flopped on this a few times, but I think it would do more harm than good.

Marleau - No, I honestly think a major part of his issues are system related. Plus, he's not going to waive, and he's not going to be asked. If he didn't have a NTC? Yes, I'd shop him, but its not bad enough to be worth the potential fall-out.

Pavelski - Yes, I would shop him. He's a HELL of a player, but the Sharks MUST get faster, and between him and Couture, you keep Couture. I bet we will regret moving him though when he tears it up elsewhere. If Thornton was somehow moved though, I would retain him.

Couture - No, not under any circumstances do i move him.

Clowe - Yes, absolutely, ready for the roller coaster ride that is Clowe to end.

Havlat - No, exactly the type of player we should be adding, not trading.

Winnik - Try and re-sign him, offer him upto $2m. He's been good for us, and we need to salvage something from that trade.

Moore - This will be controversial I know, but I would try to re-sign him at $1.5m. I think with a new coach and a new system he would be a great 3rd line center for us. He's stunk it up this year, but historically he's performed much better, so I take the risk.

Galiardi - He's an RFA, so I re-sign him for around $750k and he's solid depth. Also, new coach, new system, I think he rebounds.

Handzus - Get rid of him as fast as you can. Even buy him out if you must. If the Sharks have cap space, fine, bench him all season.

Winchester - Ended up being just as ineffective as I suspected when we signed him in the end. I'd move on.

Desjardins - Keeper

Mitchell - I would offer him a $1m deal, otherwise, cya around.

Ferriero - RFA, near league minimum, no harm done.

Wingels - McGinn like deal, $1m tops.

Burns - No discussion, keep him.

Vlasic - Get him resigned under $4.5m in the off-season, or shop him.

Boyle - If you can bring Suter in, or another comparable d-man somehow (high draft pick even), shop him. Otherwise, he's still got a lot of game left.

Murray - Move him. Too slow, value will decrease, get value while you can.

Demers - Keep, new system and I bet he rebounds.

Braun - Keep, of course, re-sign for Demers type deal.

White - Doubt he would stay even if we offered, he will want to get closer to his family.

Vandermeer - He'd have to be an idiot to re-sign with us after how we treated him.

Niemi - Shop him. Easily replaced, likely still overvalued (especially after a good series against the Blues). Either give Greiss/Stalock/Sateri a chance and/or bring in a UFA or reclamation project (Mason, Harding, Vokoun, Bernier, etc)

Greiss - Keep him, no reason not to.

I would of course replace the entire coaching staff, but not DW just yet. Coach wise if Bylsma got fired (I doubt it) he'd be the best choice, after that it's just hard to say.

UFA's I'd look at are:
Semin (on a reasonable contract)

If they can't skate, don't want um.

In trade I'd be looking for speedy young LW's, but primarily high draft picks.

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