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04-20-2012, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
A very motivated Colin Wilson

That's the problem I've seen with him, when holes in his game are pointed out he lacks the motivation or maturity to address them. Wilson arrived with a high ceiling, high hopes, and high expectations. So far he hasn't worked to reach them. SK for all of his issues is a more complete player than Wilson is at this point. Wilson can sulk and tell interviewers that he's going to play his game or he can work to improve his game all around and get back on the ice.
If Wilson plays like he did the first half the season, he'd be a better option than SK right now. SK has been **** for us the playoffs, both last year and this year, and it's amazing to me that he's playing such unmotivated hockey. It's the playoffs and you are a RFA, wake up Sergei. He has the skills, but his effort is suppressing them right now.

And yes, the times Wilson has sat before, he comes back highly motivated with tons of energy and creating lots of chances.

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